A proper risk analysis of your project from the builder’s risk insurance specialists at Van Leer & Edwards can help reduce your financial exposure during a site build. Our analysis can also help reveal additional threats that you may not be aware of and provide you with insurance policies to cover them.

Protect your work long before it's finished

Builder’s risk insurance is designed to mitigate the chance of a loss while protecting you financially in the event of loss. Often times, builder’s risk insurance is purchased by landowners or whoever is funding a particular project. A builder’s risk policy may also be purchased by a contractor.

A builder’s risk policy is normally designed for new construction. Property insurance generally covers improvements and remodels. It is best to meet with one of our insurance specialists before starting a project to make sure it is covered properly.

Buildings that are still under construction face many more hazards than completed structures. There’s a much higher likelihood of a negative incident happening during the construction phase. This includes building materials being broken, stolen, or destroyed. It can also cover costs associated with something being installed incorrectly. Existing structures and buildings are subject to a wide variety of hazards. From fire and flooding to vandalism and more, there are many different ways buildings can be damaged that are out of your control.

Builder's Risk Insurance


Builder’s risk insurance covers the owner, the lending institution, the contractor(s) performing the job, and any other related parties. While providing coverage for any damage to the building itself, most policies also cover temporary constructs (i.e. scaffolding), building materials, and equipment being used, regardless if it’s kept on-site or off-site. Policies are mostly written on an all-perils basis, which means that all reimbursements are available for any losses except for those specifically excluded.


Builder’s risk policies last until the building is no longer under construction. The exact point at which a building is no longer under construction can vary from project to project. In some cases, it happens when certain parts of the structure are finished. In other cases, it could be the day it opens for business or when the contract with the construction company ends. If you have concerns about additional risks, like the building being damaged between the finish of construction and when it opens up for business, talk to one of our builder’s risk insurance specialists about extending your coverage.

Van Leer & Edwards offers Builder's Risk Insurance in Scottsdale, Arizona and to all areas throughout the Valley