If your business requires vehicles to run its day-to-day operations, commercial auto insurance is a must for your small business insurance needs. This applies to businesses that own, lease or rent vehicles as well as businesses that have employees who drive their own vehicles while conducting operations.

Commercial auto insurance can help pay to repair damage to the vehicle(s) that are driven during the course of your business operations. This includes damage from theft, weather, vandalism, or collisions. It can also pay for lawsuit costs associated with vehicle accidents, such as medical expenses and defense fees. Different types of commercial auto coverages include:

  • Liability coverage to pay for property damage or bodily injury
  • Medical coverage for injuries incurred
  • Physical & collision coverage
  • Uninsured motorist coverage

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Fleet Insurance Benefits

If your company has 5 or more vehicles to cover, your commercial auto policy will qualify for fleet rate discounts. You’ll be provided with liability insurance coverage for all of your company’s vehicles in one policy. Often, these policies provide provisions to allow employees of your company to drive any vehicle in your fleet and be covered in case of an accident.

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