Manufacturers are responsible for the products and goods that we purchase as consumers. Owners of these companies usually have to also deal with a vast amount of potential problems that can arise from the manufacturing process.

Van Leer & Edwards understands the risks that come with running a manufacturing company. That’s why we offer comprehensive manufacturers insurance to make sure your manufacturing business is properly insured.

Protect Your Property with Manufacturers Insurance

Regardless of what you manufacture, you need a thorough insurance policy to protect yourself and your property. Your manufacturing facility most likely contains machines and materials that are vital to your everyday production. If any of these were to get damaged by fire, vandalism, theft or any other unforeseen event, you would need the proper insurance to keep your business running smoothly.

Manufacturers Insurance Equipment Coverage

If the equipment that is vital to running your manufacturing business broke down, would you still be able to operate and earn revenue? Some equipment is so specialized that it may take an extended period of time to repair or replace. So what happens to your business while you wait?

Using Manufacturers Insurance to Protect Your Business From A Lawsuit

Manufacturers operate in an environment that subjects them to a great deal of liability. You’ll need to protect your business from being accused of negligence or causing harm. Manufacturers liability insurance can be customized to how your business operates and to the products that you produce. You’ll be protected from any third-party claims of negligence and the resulting costs that are associated with those lawsuits.

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