As a contractor, you know that the work you perform and your final product not only has to meet your customer's expectations, but it also must comply with state requirements and safety standards.

Handyman Insurance

It is imperative for you to have the adequate insurance coverage for the work you are contracted to do to cover you from property damage and bodily injury.  For example, if you’re a plumber or a plumber you hire installs something incorrectly in the home and it floods, you’re liable. If you’re an electrician or one you hired installed a faulty panel box and a fire ensues, you’re liable. Contractor’s Insurance is necessary to cover you and your business in the event of an accident.

The type of business you operate has implications for your contractor’s insurance. If you decide to operate as an LLC (Limited Liability Company) it will help protect you from overrunning operating costs. It will also avoid putting your personal assets at risk if a claim larger than your policy is filed against you.

The best way to determine what type of contractor’s insurance you need is to speak with one of the insurance specialists at Van Leer & Edwards.

They will help you to determine what policy is best suited to protect your contracting business.

What Contractor’s Insurance Covers

Contractor’s insurance covers the problems that are commonly associated with the risks of construction and renovation projects. This includes, but is not limited to, risks to your employees, your work site, and any equipment involved.

Typically, most contractor’s insurance policies are a combination of other insurance policies, including:

Once your insurance basics are covered, the rest of your coverage is based on what type of work your company does. Different industries have different insurance needs, and it’s no different with contractor’s insurance. Often times, there will be legislation mandating specific insurance coverage for contractors.

The insurance specialists at Van Leer & Edwards Insurance Services will provide you with the consultation you need so that you can secure the proper forms of insurance and never be left unprotected.


Making sure a job gets done properly takes more than just expertise.

You’ll also need to have the right tools and equipment for the job. If your equipment is damaged or ruined, you and your business could stand to suffer a significant loss. This is even more true if your company operates heavy machinery or large equipment (which are often omitted from normal contractor’s insurance coverage).

Our goal at Van Leer & Edwards is to minimize your risks as much as possible. In order for us to provide you the best policy, you’ll need to let us know what equipment your company uses. Our contractor’s insurance specialist can let you know how certain equipment is classified, the associated level of risks, and the reimbursement you can expect if something were to go wrong.

If your company uses vehicles on the job, you’ll need an additional commercial vehicle policy added to your contractor’s insurance.

If you don’t use your vehicle for commercial purposes, you may be able to lower your monthly premiums by having this coverage removed from your policy. It’s best to speak with our contractor’s insurance specialists as they can determine whether your vehicle can be classified for commercial use.

Making sure that you have proper insurance coverage as a handyman is just as complex and important as contractor’s insurance.

Handyman insurance needs to be just as reliable as the work that you are performing. In many cases, a minimum policy is not enough. The team of insurance specialists at Van Leer & Edwards will make sure the coverage you receive is affordable and suits your needs.

It’s very important that you obtain handyman insurance to cover yourself with any claims that may arise after a job is completed. Handyman insurance can also cover your equipment and vehicles just like contractor’s insurance.

To see how handyman insurance can protect you, your work and your customers, contact Van Leer & Edwards Insurance Services today.

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