Crime insurance will ensure that your business is protected against any dishonest acts committed by your employees.

Incidents where employees are responsible for the damage or losses for your company include, but are not limited to: employee dishonesty, forgery or alteration, credit card fraud, computer fraud, and transfer of funds fraud. Crime insurance does not cover any actions of you or your partners, accounting errors, or liabilities due to crime-related losses.

If you want to protect your business and its finances from potential fraudulent acts of your employees, reach out to a crime insurance specialist at Van Leer & Edwards. We can provide you with a quote and help you with all of your business insurance needs.

What Can Crime Insurance Cover?

Crime insurance can help protect your business against an outside individual or an employee stealing from your business. If your business is robbed it covers the money that is lost. Stolen money is typically limited or excluded under property insurance. It will also provide protection from an employee forging a check that causes a significant financial loss for your company.

There are many more things that crime insurance can help cover. If you have any questions please reach out to our small business insurance specialists at Van Leer & Edwards.

Common Situations When A Business Owner May Need Crime Insurance

If any of the common day-to-day operations listed below happen at your business, it’s very important that you consider obtaining crime insurance:

  • When there are employees taking customer credit cards to complete sales
  • Employees issue checks and reconcile bank accounts
  • Your company operates with cash or negotiable securities that are accessible to employees

Van Leer & Edwards offers Crime Insurance in Scottsdale, Arizona and to all areas throughout the Valley