If your business owns and operates five or more vehicles as part of its daily operations, you may be eligible for a fleet insurance policy. At Van Leer & Edwards, we offer fleet insurance auto policies that cover multiple vehicles at the same time, helping you to meet coverage requirements at an affordable rate.

Industries that can benefit from
fleet insurance coverage include:

• Government agencies
• Construction companies
• Taxi services
• Vehicle rental companies
• Delivery services
• Any other company that operates a fleet of vehicles

In 2013, the Bureau of Transportation Statistics reported that there were over 11,000,000 fleet vehicles in service. It’s important for your company to make sure that these vehicles are properly, and affordably, insured.

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Fleet insurance is also often referred to as commercial auto insurance. It covers the vehicles against damage, loss, theft, and more. Each type of fleet receives a variable discount depending on the nature of service that the vehicles are engaged in. Examples are vehicles involved in services (plumbers, electricians, etc.), retail work (flower, food delivery), and volume delivery of people or larger products.

Fleet drivers tend to be on the road far more than the average person. Therefore, there’s a greater likelihood for them to be involved in a collision. It is important for your company to have the right insurance at the right price.


The main components of fleet insurance are liability coverage and coverage for physical damages to your vehicles. At Van Leer & Edwards we can cover your vehicles and your drivers. This is ideal for companies that have vehicles that are operated by different drivers, as well as companies that have vehicles out on the road on a regular basis. All fleet insurance policies will meet or exceed the minimum amount of coverage required for commercial vehicles in your area.

If you’re not sure whether a vehicle you use qualifies for coverage under a fleet insurance policy (for example, you have a privately-owned vehicle that’s also used for business purposes), talk to a Van Leer & Edwards commercial fleet insurance specialist today!

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